Pacific Overtures van Sondheim
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Geregistreerd  2013-12-14

Van 2 juli tot 2 augustus te zien in het intieme union theatre: Pacific Overtures van Sondheim. Een blik op You Tube wekt zonder meer mijn interesse in dit in het op oog niet alledaagse, experimentele stuk….

There are few musicals as beautiful and unusual as Pacific Overtures and indeed there is nothing stranger than fact. An isolated Japan, swathed in honour and protected by invincible gods, has a very rude awakening in 1853 by western war ships. A lowly fisherman is sent to insist they turn back only to kick start a chain of events that lead to drastic social change. Pulling on Japanese art forms such as Kabuki and Butoh, Pacific Overtures is an epic tale of how the child becomes the master.