14-18 is beste productie van afgelopen seizoen

Datum: 08-08-14

14-18 is door de bezoekers van Musicalworld beloond met de Musicalworld Award voor beste productie van seizoen 2013-2014.

De Musicalworld Award voor beste producitie is gewonnen door 14-18. De voorstelling kreeg daarmee nog meer waardering dan de andere genomineerden in deze categorie: Jersey Boys, De Kleine Blonde Dood, Love Story enTick, Tick, Boom!
Dit maakt 14-18 niet alleen winnaar van deze belangrijke award, maar ook over all winnaar met in totaal 3 Musicalworld Awards. Ook Bert Verbeke (beste mannelijke bijrol) en het ensemble zijn winnaar in hun categorieën.
Jersey Boys sleept twee awards binnen voor beide Frankie Valli's. Tim Driesen wint de award voor beste mannelijke hoofdrol, Maarten Smeele is de doorbraak van 2013-2014.
Andere producties die prijzen winnen zijn: Love Story (Celinde Schoenmaker voor beste vrouwelijke hoofdrol), Tick, Tick, Boom! (Renée van Wegberg voor beste vrouwelijke bijrol), Klaas Vaak (beste jeugd/jongerenvoorstelling) en De Kleine Blonde Dood (beste prestatie van een kindercast).

Musicalworld.TV zal in de komende periode op stap gaan om verslag te doen van de uitreiking van de diverse Musicalworld Awards.



18-08-14 @ 05:17
This award going as it does to a relatively unknown Dutch musical underscores some comments that I made a while ago to the effect that,sadly, the great musical craze is over.
For over twenty years lead by Joop and his Stage Entertainment a truly heroic attempt has been made to sell the public here on the concept of this particular form of theatre but it simply has not worked out.
Certainly, shows have played longer and to packed halls longer than ever before,but what seemed to be a great success story has in fact largely been an illusion built on hype.
The fact is that the Dutch theatregoers are and remain a minority; the idea that they have somehow become more so has proved not to be the case.
I realize that this will sound hopelessly depressing to the very tiny amount of people who will ever read these views but,really,the facts are clear to see.
Even allowing for the smallness of this country individual shows rarely last long here.Indeed some huge hits elsewhere come and go frighteningly fast; the brief runs of "Wicked" and now "Jersey Boys" are cases in point.Those who do read sites like this are followers of a rare hobby and not a mass public alas.
Why Holland has never really bought the musical genre as it exists in it's most important places- Broadway and to a lesser extent, London's West End,is something a puzzle. Certainly enough money and publicity has been expended since the ever- enterprising Mr.van den Ende first announced his intention to bring all the mega-musicals of the time to Holland at the end of the 80s.With posters,tv spots,coverage of premieres and the like it has sometimes seemed impossible to dodge the sales pitches of the latest attractions.And let us not forget the places where these shows have been put on,with old,decrepit venues being transformed into shiny,modern palaces of entertainment.(In this regard at least we have been favoured those who do go to the theatre now do so in comfort)
But for whatever reason the Dutch simply have not bought the glitz and glamour, the razzle dazzle and tap dancing vulgarity that most musicals are consisted of. "All a That Jazz"/"It's Showtime Folks!"does not sell here.
One reason for this is,curiously,that although the Netherlands are not islands they do behave at times as if they were.This is a country which can often seem very insular
and resistant to outside influences indeed; witness the fierce resistance to changes in the St.Nicholas celebrations despite their racist (and paedeophilic) overtones) and this has proven to be the problem with so many great shows.Even Sondheim has not been able to avoid the "old-soft shoe"bit entirely.
We are thus back to where we were.As the new season of theatre going begins musicals made outside this land are very hard to find suddenly.True, we still have "Billy Elliot " to look forward to and no doubt,despite the relative disregard for this show's real raison de'tre - the industrial unrest caused by Margret Thatcher in general and the desperately wrongly timed miner's strike which tore apart whole families- this Dutch version starring,inevitably,a rather too old Pia Douwes,will play to full houses for a year or so until the novelty of seeing kids leaping around the stage like dervishes wears off.
And then what? One of the only good things about this situation is it's timing;right now really good,new musicals from anywhere are rather hard to find.Both Broadway and London are groaning under the weight of their mediocracy.Revivals and tuneless versions of Hollywood films rule (it used to work the other way around with Hollywood filming Broadway hits)and the two main creators of the great mega musical that set the musical mania in motion here,messers Lloyd Webber and Mackintosh focused on past glories.
No doubt "Soldaat van Oranje" will be with us for a while yet and Joop will continue to milk his Hazes cash cow with concerts and movies and the rest for the forseeable future,whilst various old tv series and forgotten cabaret stars are also " musicalised"
For now however,to cite a song by Jules Styne from one of the many great Broadway shows that have,sadly never been produced here("Bells Are Ringing")"The Party's Over"...



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