Toch verlenging"Hij gelooft in mij”

Datum: 28-04-14

De formulering van de vorige verlenging leek iets definitiefs te hebben, maar niets is minder waar. Hij gelooft in mij is wederom verlengd, nu tot eind 2014.

Hij Gelooft in Mij is tot het einde van dit jaar te zien in het DeLaMar Theater, dit werd vanmiddag door Martijn Fischer bekend gemaakt bij Life4You. Hij Gelooft in Mij won twee Musicalword awards, voor beste productie en voor beste mannelijke hoofdrol (Martijn Fischer). Martijn Fischer en Chantal Janzen blijven tot en met december 2014 het leeuwendeel van de voorstellingen de hoofdrollen spelen. De kaartverkoop voor de maanden september tot en met december 2014 is vandaag gestart via SEE Tickets, en via het DeLaMar Theater.


28-04-14 @ 21:26
The wheel goes around; what goes around comes around; this is where we came in.
For those old enough to remember there was a time - not so very long ago- when the words "Dutch" and "Musical" simply did not belong together.The two entities did not belong together.
Oh- there were the Annie G.S. and Joss Brink shows but these hardly had anything to do with musical theatre as it was then known and they were in any case very local in their appeal which ended at the border
Then two things happened which - for a while- changed everything here.
The first was the arrival on the scene in the 80s of the mega- musical phenomena; musical " events" such as "Les Miserables" "The Phantom of a The Opera" and the like.Shows offering not only great music but also spectacle; great drama and - which were so succesful that they threatened to run (almost) forever
The second thing was of course the interest shown in them by one,Joop van den Ende, then known only as an ambitious tv producer.
Now Joop I fancy has often looked in the shaving mirror down through the subsequent years and seen himself as the Dutch equivalent to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh.Actually though he has much more in common with Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager ( and his greatest problem; had he signed with someone else he would have almost certainly have been around and a greatest artist but that is another story)
Like Parker, Joop shares a Dutch nationality and is a man with a great business sense and a touch of the "carny" about him.
He thus decided to take a gamble on bringing to Holland - a land where musicals usually ran for weeks or even days and where big Broadway/ West End productions where very rare, these ultra- special shows with their falling chandeliers and revolving barricades - these same productions but on an "open end" running basis.
However,he was canny enough to make sure that these ventures were sponsored to the hilt and stuffed full of big named a Dutch stars.
And it worked. To a degree unprecendented in the history of a Dutch theatre.Not only were the shows themselves hits - more importantly they ushered in a craze,a fad,call it what you will for big international musicals with every
one and his uncle (Albert) rushing to put on these productions and their clones
But Joop was bring clever; at the same time that he was introducing the local yokels to New York and London theatre he was also - comparitively cheaply- putting on a hundred progent indigenous entertainments such as "Cyrano" "Rex" and "A Guy Named Joe " none of which were popular.
Two reasons explain this; they were wrongly timed and had nothing to do with Holland.
Then came "Soldaat van Oranje " and everything changed again.Why?Why has this show been so fantastically succesful that it is practically a landmark.
The answer is both clear and a little heart breaking to myself and readers of this page
The fact is that, by and large the ordinary Dutch theatregoer is just not into big,glitzy,noisy and often very vulgar Broadway/West End shows. It is well to recall that they were not brought up on the sounds and music of these productions.The music broadcast daily by the BBC and Radio Hilversum as "popular" were two different mediums and just as that of Andre Hazes would be regarded as "weird" and worse still from a British point of view " foriegn", so the music of Lloyd Webber or Bourbil and Schoenberg has probably always had an alien tone to most of the people of this land.
Still, they supported it for a while like the craze for lighting up one's house outside- based upon those "Home Alone" movies- (does anyone still do this?) but sagging box office receipts and ever shortening runs even for the biggest current international hits has apparently proved that when all the fun and glamour is over what the Dutch want is what appeals almost autisticsally in them, the good,old folk musicals of yore.
Thus we see "Soldaat" running forever ( they really ought to give it sub-titled and turn it into a tourist attraction) The a Hazes musical extending it's run, a new show from the "Soldaat" team "Anne" and a "revue" show from Joop.
True, we still have "Billy Elliot" to look forward to but apart from it's great kid dancing I cannot see a show rooted in a piece of contemporary and largely forgotten British history (the miners strike of the 80s) plus a mediocre Elton John score really being a great sensation here ( anyway it is old!) and neither "Matilda" nor "Book of Mormon" are likely to change matters.
So- here we are at the end of a long piece of writing back where we started back to the days before Joop and co. Broadway on the polder never worked and probably never will. One thing though; I do wish that just once a Dutch musical would produce one truly memorable original song...





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Hij Gelooft In Mij

Producent: Stage Entertainment
Jaar: 2012
Genre: Oorspronkelijk

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Chantal Janzen


Plaats: Amsterdam
Geb.datum: 15-02-1979

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