Hij Gelooft In Mij tot augustus in DeLaMar

Datum: 13-01-14

De winnaar van de Musicalworld Award voor beste musical van het afgelopen seizoen, Hij Gelooft In Mij, is verlengd tot augustus 2014.

Hij Gelooft in Mij , de musical over het leven van André Hazes vanuit het perspectief van zijn vrouw Rachel, is vier maanden extra te zien in het DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. De musical won naast de Musicalworld Award voor beste musical ook nog de award voor beste mannelijke hoofdrol. Deze was voor Martijn Fischer als André Hazes. Verder zijn in de voorstelling ook Chantal Janzen, Peter Blok, Diederik Ebbinge, Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Rutger de Bekker, Doris Baaten en Hanneke Last te zien.


24-01-14 @ 06:59
With this show and "Sister Act"- together with "Jersey Boys"- bolted into place at their respective theatres it is obvious that this year is not going to be a good one for Dutch musical lovers hoping for something new from Stage Entertainment.
Right now, lacking a leading"front-man" the company is once again being powered by Joop and for him a sort of "war of attrition" has been declared between himself and the producers of his great nemisis "Soldaat van Oranje" a show which,I suspect, he has come to hate.
And why should he not?This is the musical he should have produced; the great,original Dutch show which he has dreamed of putting on ever since he first became involved in this genre,way back in the days of "Cyrano" but which somehow in his hands has never really worked out.
Why this should be so is rather puzzling even allowing for the vagaries of a business where "no one really knows anything" when it comes to predicting which productions will succeed and which will simply come and go as so many-sometimes rather desperate seeming- Joop inspired shows have done.
After all,he more than any other Dutch theatrical promoter has the money,power send influence ( to say nothing of his "name value"- like putting "Disney" on products) to make things happen.But somehow, despite all his honours and the vast amount of praise and compliments accorded van den Ende,he has never managed to make the leap from brash,Barnum-type producer of other people's shows, to a stylish local inovator.
The "success" of this Andre Hazes hagiography really says it all; only Joop would be inspired to do a show based upon the life of a dreary,broken down,alcoholic cafe singer complete with said singer's maudlin ballads.
One can argue that-like "Soldaat" this is a very indigenous vehicle,exactly what he,Joop, was looking for and not finding in foreign subjects like "Joe" or "The Three Musketeers" but why then did "Ciska de Rat"not achieve the fantastic,record-breaking feats that the Hangar show has?And why does one get the definate feeling that the Hazes musical is being kept going more on the whim of a stubborn man unwilling or unable to accept defeat,than on it's merits or box-office receipts?
Two things explain this situation (or one depending upon how you look at it) Joop van den Ende is a great business man and an even better showman.Unfortunately,he lacks taste and passion.He also has a fatal inability to second guess what the a Dutch theatre going public want to see.For too long he has dictated what the bill of fare should be musically speaking and with no real,serious competition(sorry,Albert) he has gotten away with having his way.No one has dared to challenge him and his sometimes eccentric descisions which has worked well enough for him whilst his shows have been imports,but not so with original material.
The exceptional success of "Soldaat" seems to have taken everyone by surprise even it's producers; who would have expected that this story would have struck such a chord with so many people here? As a subject it is inspiring and well known and it 's hero a far more interesting man than the sordid Mr Hazes.Still - even in Holland- a Second World War saga set during the occupation with Natzi's,spies,callow students,underground traitors and the rest- all set to music?
Somehow- although the music is nothing special- it works and the fact that the producers have come up with an experience unlike any other in theatrical history helps too.In this respect it is particulaly ironic that they they have managed to "out-show " the greatest showman called Joop.
And it is about to get worse.With the opening of "Anne" not only will the "Soldaat" team have the opportunity to prove that they are not just one-trick ponies musical wise,but they will also be rubbing salt in Joop 's wounds by presenting this new show in an equally new theatre.Another ambition of the great man bites the dust as his plans for a "Joop van den Ende Theatre" languish on the drawing board.
Unfortunately it is the Dutch musical lover who is the greatest loser here though.With no new shows to look forward to from the biggest producer in town ( "Billy Elliot"seems to be still very much"future music" as they say and is not exactly new anyway) and Joop himself no doubt off to New York next month to attend the American Premiere of "Rocky- the Musical" his own country will be forgotten.
Oh! And by the way- "War Horse"is not a musical.


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Hij Gelooft In Mij

Producent: Stage Entertainment
Jaar: 2012
Genre: Oorspronkelijk

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Chantal Janzen


Plaats: Amsterdam
Geb.datum: 15-02-1979

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